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Empower the World Population (Junior Position)

Does agile front-end development give you a kick? Would working with UX and UI blow your mind? And would an online customer-base of 6.000.000+ customers growing 400.000+ every month make you skyrocket?

Then SimpleSite is where you should be working!

(… and your future colleagues @ SimpleSite would be stoked to have you join the team.)

A CMS for everyone

There are 7 billion people in the world. Hundreds of millions of them have definite needs to talk about the things that matter to them online. But they have too limited resources in terms of competence and/or money to fulfill those needs. SimpleSite empowers people to create web solutions themselves – to tell their own story and share what matters to them with the world.

How does SimpleSite work?

We work in an agile Build – Measure – Learn process. We are highly inspired by Brian Balfour and his ideas of fast learning cycles and focus (see link at the end of this ad).

Another great inspiration for us is Jake Knapp’s book on sprints, where he describes how to solve big problems in just 5 days (there is a link at the end for this too).

We are developing a new version of the front-end of our product. We work with a stack of Angular, Typescript, Foundation... Basically whatever edgy technology we like! The experience is responsive and we develop with mobile in mind first.

We don’t lock ourselves up in an ivory tower and generate big thoughts. We use A/B Testing – a lot of A/B testing actually. With 15.000 new sign-ups every day (sorry for bragging about the number, but we are proud of what we do) we can measure the results of our changes really, really fast.

With our continuous rollover strategy, you will go home every day with the knowledge that your deployed updates have been exposed to thousands of users already – and they will keep pouring in from all over the world after you go home. The first couple of times these rollovers makes you feel sick to your stomach; we can guarantee that. But nothing beats the high you’ll feel when you get to see the literal difference your ideas make for our users.

What do we expect from you?

We expect that you have more than basic knowledge of program development and development for the Internet and that you want to improve every day. We expect that you show

  • Engagement
  • Curiosity
  • Intelligence
  • Team play
  • An open mind
  • Proactive problem solving

... Actually, we hate these kind of lists (who doesn’t?). Bottom-line is that we expect that you want to be excited and that you can excite us.

Who are we – SimpleSite?

SimpleSite is a global ”Software as a Service” company that makes it easy for Internet users to make their own websites.

Our offices are located near Amalienborg Castle in Copenhagen (new information!).

In Copenhagen we are currently 26 full-time employees plus the same amount of part-time supporters working odd hours. We have two development teams off-site: 4 persons in Sofia, Bulgaria and 4 persons in Novisad, Serbia. Our total development and production team is 15 persons. Company language is English (but you’ll be able to practice DA, IT, BG, RU, NL, SV, AR, …).

We have existed since 2003 but still work with a start-up mentality. We have a sound economy and we initiate and sponsor events like Nordic Growth Hackers -


Brian Balfour:

Jake Knapp’s book on sprints: