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The position has been filled and the advertisement is no longer active

Full Stack developer

.NET Backend / JavaScript Frontend


Every month, SimpleSite helps 400.000 people create new websites. Over the next couple of years, we will create 20 million new websites and we want to make that fun, easy and worry-free for our users. To reach that goal, we constantly develop and improve our distributed backend systems to support business logic, storage requirements, speed and security.


We’re looking for a reliable full stack developer with a passion for developing advanced web applications. Our setup is based on the Microsoft platform – coded in C# and JavaScript. You are at a point in your career where you want to put your skills to work for the benefit of a massive audience and write great code while you are doing it. You’ll be joining a highly skilled team that likes to have fun at work and takes pride in making a difference to millions of users.

We are moving towards an architecture that supports modern SPA frameworks. We will replace the tight coupling between front-end and back-end in our current solution – based on ASP.NET – with a more loosely coupled REST API. Furthermore, we are working on a storage architecture that allows us to grow our client base virtually without limits in the future. You will be a major contributor to these architectures.

As your first project in SimpleSite, you’ll primarily be involved in developing the REST API which powers the front-end application that our users interact with on This will involve your skills in developing secure, robust and fast solutions for communication between a .Net based back-end and JavaScript front-end, and it will require your ability to develop in both C# and JavaScript. You will refer to our Team Lead Architect.


We are looking for a person that can honor these skills:

  • Master’s degree in Computer Science or equivalent is expected
  • You are strong in the field of applying object-oriented programming to real-life problems
  • You care as much about how data is stored as you do about the abstraction layer
  • You write clean test-friendly code
  • You consider C# your native language and you know your way around SQL
  • Good refactoring is something that brings a bit of joy into your life
  • Ideally, you have lots of experience writing REST APIs with JSON payloads, and
  • … maybe you even know enough about backbone.js to be dangerous


  • C# and .NET 4.5
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • NUnit
  • Experience with Couchbase and NoSQL is an advantage
  • Experience with backbone.js (or other JavaScript-based SPA framework) is an advantage


  • Love complex tasks that alternate with simpler tasks and short projects
  • Conscientious and quality conscious; you respond well to evaluations regarding what you have done
  • As a team player you are cooperative and self-priming
  • Open towards the opinions and suggestions of others – and at the same time you challenge existing thinking in a positive manner
  • Knowledge of DNS and Domain handling
  • Interest in cloud computing and running major web-based operations will be an advantage
  • Familiarity with Linux will be an advantage


SimpleSite is an exciting place to work and we are improving and expanding every day. We have a high volume on our internet traffic and it is increasing day by day. We use principles from Growth Hacking (i.e. extensive A/B testing) to improve our understanding of the clients and our business. You'll have a great opportunity to grow your skill set with us.

We have clients in more than 150 countries around the world and our solution is currently available in 18 languages. We are located in charming surroundings and have an international working environment and the common language in the office is English. We are around 50 employees.