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Tips for a great blog

How to create a blog: 4 easy tips to help you write an engaging, successful blog

Maybe you already have a very good idea what you want to use your blog for. Or maybe you’re only just taking the first few steps into the "blogosphere". Either way, the below four tips will quickly help you on your way to writing some great posts! Don’t have a free blog yet? Start a blog in just a few simple steps!

1. Find The Focus Of Your Blog

Lightbulb - find your blog's focus

Why am I starting a blog? Ask yourself this question before you begin writing. Finding your focus can be immensely helpful for yourself and for your readers. Asking this instead of “what do I want to write about?” means you’re looking for the overall motivation rather than topics. Is your blog a personal journal? Is it meant to showcase your hobby? Is your blog a supplement to your SimpleSite, or is it meant to be the beating heart of your website? You can also create a blog that revolves around sharing knowledge or expressing your opinion. Whatever you decide on, writing your own blog should be about something you feel passionate about. This will shine through in your posts and make your content more engaging for your visitors to read.

2. Write Eye-catching Headlines For Your Blog Posts

Newspaper - come up with catching headlines

Headlines are the first thing your readers will read when looking at your post. If you have more posts on your SimpleSite blog, the headlines will be the thing your readers skim over before they decide which post to click on and read – if they click on any at all! Make sure you make your headlines are irresistible, so your readers cannot help clicking on them. Pique their curiosity! In order to achieve this, we recommend you keep your headlines short and to the point. Positive adjectives such as “great”, “awesome” and “amazing” make your headlines more magnetic (extra tip: Google and check out successful blogs to get inspired by their use of short yet catchy headlines).

3. Writing A Post: Get Into A Routine

Keyboard - update your blog regularly

Regular updates makes for a much more dynamic experience for your readers. The SimpleSite blog makes it very easy to quickly share new content of various kinds. Aside from text, you can also add content in the form of images, videos, quotes, poems, and links. This shakes things up a little and makes your posts more attractive for your visitors. Finally, we recommend you keep your text posts short to increase readability and quickly present your readers with the value in your post (they’ll be looking for it!). This way, it will become much more manageable to update your blog on a regular basis.

4. Engage With Your Readers

Tablet - engage with your readers

Comments are a great way to check out the activity of your blog. SimpleSite offers the feature to have your visitors comment on your posts, as all free blog sites should. Social interaction is hugely important on a blog. Take advantage of this option! Receiving feedback on your writing (what works, what doesn’t) can be invaluable. Open up a dialogue with your readers, and they may even give you ideas and inspiration for new posts – ideas they likely want to read about on your blog! Creating engagement like this between reader and writer helps to sustain a blog and helps to draw in new readers. Tip: You can use SimpleSite’s messaging feature to easily send out an email to your email list whenever you’ve written a new post! Simply log in to your website, and locate the “Send a message” on the right-hand side.

Ready to pick up the cyber-pen and start writing? You can make your own free blog in just a few steps. Happy blogging!