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Choosing the perfect domain name for your website

What to be aware of when choosing the perfect domain name for your website

A domain name is a great addition to your SimpleSite website. It will make your website more personal, professional and unique, and it will make it easier for both you and your visitors to remember your website’s unique address.

When purchasing a new domain, there are a few things to be aware of. Below you will find some useful information on personal domains and what to keep an eye out for when purchasing a personal domain for your SimpleSite.

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What is a Domain?

A domain name is your website’s name in the address bar as shown to your visitors, e.g. This is also what we call a personal domain.

If you haven’t ordered your own personal domain for your SimpleSite, your website will be on a subdomain, which includes SimpleSite’s domain e.g.:

Advantages of Having Your Own Domain

Having your own domain name has several advantages:

1) It will be easier for your visitors to remember your website’s address,

2) The chances of appearing in the search results of search engines will increase significantly,

3) Your website will look more professional,

4) Your brand will be strengthened and protected, and

5) You will be able to have your own personal e-mail address thanks to SimpleSite’s creative e-mail address setup.

How to Choose the Best Domain Name

Your domain name should be the same name as your brand’s name or reflect the purpose of your website. It is important to choose a name that is easy for people to remember. It should be unique enough not to be confused with other brands or websites, but still logical enough to let people know what to expect from your website.

For more information on choosing the right domain, please refer to this article on our SimpleSite blog: 6 Things To Keep In Mind When Choosing The Right Domain Name For Your Website

Order a domain name that is different from your SimpleSite username

It is possible to order a different domain name than your SimpleSite username. To do so, please go to the page where you can purchase your domain name. Click on the suggested domain name and type in your preferred domain name instead.

You can try different combinations for your domain name to see which ones are available. When you have found a domain name you like, simply click on “Buy this name”. Please note: domain names are not case sensitive, so it is not possible to have a domain name with capital letters. It is also not possible to use spaces or special characters when registering a domain name.

If the domain name you wanted is already taken

If the domain name you wanted is already taken, try adding a word that makes sense to your website’s content.

E.g. If you own a bar and your bar is called Havana, you might want to call your domain name or instead of

Alternatively you might want to consider buying the same name with another domain extension (.com/.net/.org/.info./.biz). E.g. or

Domain Names are Permanent

Once you have ordered the domain name, you will no longer be able to edit it. You will get the exact domain you have typed in, so remember to double check for any spelling mistakes or typos before buying. We will not check for errors in the domain name, and if you need to change it later, you will have to purchase a completely new domain. 

In case you need to change your domain name, please contact our customer service at They will be happy to assist you with any changes you wish to make to your domain name.

Transfer Your Existing Domain to SimpleSite

You are welcome to transfer your existing domain from another provider over to your SimpleSite website. The transfer itself is free. Please do notice that if you currently have a basic subscription, and you choose to transfer a domain to us, your basic subscription will be upgraded to a PRO subscription.

Please contact our customer support at if you wish to transfer your existing domain to SimpleSite.

Entering Your Phone Number Correctly When Ordering a Domain

When ordering a domain you will have to enter your phone number in the so-called E164a format. This means that you should write your telephone number with the international dialing code first and no zero, blank space or plus sign.

For example, for a person in the UK the international dialing code is 44. So, a UK number would look like this in the E164a format: 449876543210 (9876543210 being the telephone number used inside of the UK).

If you are presented with two fields, please enter the international dialing code for you country in the first field, and your national phone number in the second field, as shown in the example underneath.

Phone number

Please note that a telephone number cannot contain more than 12 digits in total - including the country code.