SimpleSite hakkında

Morten Elk - Founder

From local vision to global company with a DNA of growth

SimpleSite was founded in 2003 in Copenhagen, Denmark, by brothers Morten and Jacob Elk. They had a vision to create the most useful and user-friendly website building tool available on the market. They used a simple idea modeled from lean business principles to create value and opportunity for “Mr. and Mrs. Denmark” - non-experienced users who could benefit from putting their personal and professional projects online.

With a scientific approach to data, solid experience in agile development and an idea with an enviable scalability, the Danish target group soon became international. Only a year after setting up shop, SimpleSite launched its English-language website, targeted toward an American audience. A combination of a rock-solid focus on the user experience and a rigid commitment to lean business principles has made SimpleSite a textbook example in international growth.

In 2012 SimpleSite received an Series A investment of €1.7 mio to accelerate international growth. Behind the investment is IT entrepreneur Kaare Danielsen, whose business Jobindex is Denmark's largest job database.

Rapid international expansion ensued and local language versions now exist in all of Scandinavia, France, Spain, Italy, Holland, Belgium, Switzerland, Austria, Luxembourg, England, the US, Poland, Czech Republic, Greece, Turkey, Portugal, Brazil, Canada, Russia, Indonesia, Malaysia - and more are coming.

In 2015, SimpleSite went from a Premium to a Freemium business model, allowing users across the globe to benefit from a completely free website. Currently, 400.000 new users create a SimpleSite website every month and more than 20 million people world-wide have created a SimpleSite.

The company's turnover exceeds €10 m and it has a fast-growing paying customer base with 95.000 current subscribers from all over the world. An ambitious strategic plan for further expansion has been scheduled for 2017.


Our user experience ideal runs through every vein of our company. Our ideal is not perfection; rather, our ideal is play. Using our product should feel like playing – it should be easy, exciting and expanding. It is something to employ and to learn from – and working for us is the same.

We cultivate a culture where creativity thrives and specialist skills are welcomed. We have two physicists on the management team, and agile development models, knowledge and intelligence make up our daily currencies. We set high academic standards, but work as a team of friends.

We believe challenge is what makes work fun and that development and growth are goals in themselves. We have data in our hearts and usability on our minds. That's how we work.